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Other Treatments

Chalazion & Treatment

A chalazion occurs when a meibomian gland become clogged and the oils back up in the gland. This causes the vessel walls to distend and leak oil into the subcutaneous tissue, causing an intense inflammation. The lids can become very inflamed and tender. Initial treatment is to use warm compresses for 5 minutes at least four times a day. Those that do not resolve can be easily treated with an injection of medication or removed with a minor surgical procedure.

Pterygium Excision

A minor surgical procedure can remove a pterygium from the cornea, however, there is a risk the pterygium will grow back. There are several techniques for removing pterygia.

  • Conjunctival auto-grafting is a safe and effective technique that surgically removes a pterygium. In this procedure, the pterygium is removed down to bare sclera.  Normal conjunctiva from another area of the eye is removed and placed on the area of bare sclera created by the pterygium excision.
  • Amniotic membrane transplantation is another safe and effective pterygium removal procedure.  In this procedure, instead of using the patient's own normal conjunctiva, amniotic membrane is used. This type of graft encourages healing and reduces swelling.

Punctal Plugs

Punctal plugs can relieve dry eye symptoms when drops or ointments fail. Punctal plugs are placed in the opening of the tear ducts (called "puncta") in the eyelids to block tear drainage and keep the eyes moist. Implantation should reduce the need for artificial tear drops and increase the patient's overall comfort.

Punctal plugs come in a few different shapes and sizes, and may be placed in the lower or upper eyelid or both eyelids. The most common plugs are umbrella-shaped and made of silicone. Implantation takes only a few seconds in the doctor’s office.

Chalazion Treatment | Pterygium Excision | Punctal Plugs | Midtown EastView video on how punctal plugs work.

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